The Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge


The Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge started back in 2012 by Andre Blumberg when having run both multi ultra distances, single stage races and multi-day races, around the globe Andre noticed that, while Hong Kong has a plethora of trails, there was currently no multi-day race tying them together.  

In 2012 he challenged himself to run the four ultra trails in four consecutive days starting with the 100km Maclehose Trail on day 1, the 78km Wilson Trail on day 2, the 50km Hong Kong Trail on day 3 finishing with the 70km  Lantau Trail. It was a statement against those who said, "It's impossible, it just can't be done."

The challenge has subsequently been refined into today's current format; a single effort, 298km on foot, self supported challenge. The only assistance allowed is between the start and finish of the different trails.

No one has finished the trails in under 60 hours. Is 2017 the year?